The Genetics Society of Korea ICGSK2015

December 4(fri)~5(sat). 2015 Dec 6th Hanyang university, Seoul Campus
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The 2019 Conference

The Genetics Society of Korea (GSK) was founded in 1978 to promote the field of genetics and to advance our understanding of genetics at all levels. For this purpose, we foster excellence in research and education in genetics, and we provide information for the public on relevant topics in genetics. Most importantly, we provide a communication hub for all scientists interested in genetics. The GSK publishes Genes & Genomics [ISBN 1976-9571 (Print) 2092-9293 (Online)], organizes scientific meetings and symposia, and encourages researchers by means of academic awards. Genes & Genomics is devoted to the research in genetics or in any field of primary genetic interest. The journal is indexed in the Science Citation Index Expanded. The GSK has been extending its activities by establishing programs to train young scientists on the genetic experiments and by publishing books related to genetics and experiment.

Call for Abstracts : due November 4, 2019

The submission of an abstract implies your consent of its publication in the Abstract Book and that the author is willing to participate in the Conference. All presenting authors of abstracts are expected to attend this meeting and register online by September 30th, 2019.